Training for Parents

  • Learn how trauma events impact a child's development and manifest in their behavior;

  • Understand how to provide structured and nurturing support to children affected by early trauma;

  • Practice parenting techniques through interactive workshops that will help you become the trusted adult for a child in need.

Attachment Fundamentals


1. Healthy Attachment Fundamentals

What is it, how does it happen and why is it critically important? This training can help parents, prospective parents, and caregivers understand the basics of attachment. 

  • Duration: Half Day

  • Available Formats: Webinar, In-Person

2. Healthy Attachment Interrupted

What happens when attachment is traumatically disrupted? Identifying confusing and sometimes dangerous behaviors that come from early trauma can be tricky and yet very helpful for parents and professionals. 

  • Duration: 1 Day 

  • Available Format: In-Person Training


Training for Parents

1. The Parent-Therapist Team:

Through this training, parents will learn the best ways to maximize their relationship with the professionals in their children’s lives. Although it is designed to help parents, professionals often ask to be included
and gain from the practical recommendations offered here.

  • Duration: Half-Day

  • Available Formats: In-Person or Webinar

 2. Parent Child Workshop:

Turn negative parenting into positive, fun, productive parenting – learn how, and practice on-site with your child for a day! This workshop gives each parent-child team a chance to take a break from their “patterned” negative interactions, and to learn to (again) enjoy each others’ company.

  • Duration: 

  • Available Formats

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