Training for Professionals

  • Recognize behaviors in children that indicate trauma and attachment issues

  • Select the best treatment methods for different types of trauma and attachment difficulties

  • Use treatment methods that foster healthy attachment in children and promote healing from trauma


Attachment Fundamentals

1. Healthy Attachment Fundamentals

What is it, how does it happen and why is it critically important? This training can help parents, prospective parents, caregivers and professionals understand the basics of attachment. 

  • Duration: Half Day

  • Available Formats: Webinar, In-Person

2. Healthy Attachment Interrupted

What happens when attachment is traumatically disrupted? Identifying confusing and sometimes dangerous behaviors that come from early trauma can be tricky and yet very helpful for parents and professionals. 

  • Duration: 1 Day 

  • Available Format: In-Person Training


On Trauma Diagnosis and Treatment

1. Synergistic Trauma And Attachment Therapy

How can we successfully treat the complex trauma of early attachment breaks? What therapies address the many developmental domains that are impacted by early trauma and how do we know which ones to use?

  • Duration: Varies

  • Available Formats: In-Person and Online (Skype, Google Hangouts, Webinar, etc.)

2. Advanced Clinical Skills

Consultation groups for professionals treating children with developmental trauma on topics of common interest. 

  • Duration: Varies

  • Available Formats: Online (Skype, Google Hangouts, Webinar, etc.)

3. Evaluating Trauma and Attachment Disruptions in Early Childhood

What assessment tools are best and how do we administer them for maximum information?


During this workshop, a family engages in a thorough evaluation which is observed by the participating group (with permission of the family). After administration of the assessment, the participating professional group is led through the process of scoring and interpreting assessment tools and completing a report.


This training is particularly helpful for clinicians wanting to expand their understanding of how to identify trauma and attachment issues and determine what therapies are best to match with specific trauma and attachment difficulties.

  • Duration: 1 to 2 Days 

  • Available Formats: Hands-On Workshop 

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